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The SuperSpeech & Language Connection

Speech/Language/Social Communication

Social Language Programs

At SuperSpeech, we feel that movement is the cornerstone to all (social) language development. Additionally Parents often worry about their child’s physical, social and academic development, especially in relation to high State Standards, Class Size and School Budgets. Many pre-k and elementary school children lack the necessary motor and social language skills to fully participate and succeed in their learning environments.  

For this reason, we developed a play based learning experience: Learning n Motion-where movement and social interaction help facilitate academic success. 
Children (grades k-1, 2-3, 4-5) are provided with the opportunity to develop and improve on the following skills:

  • Self Regulation
  • Praxis/Motor Planning
  • Imitation of Movement
  • Social Interaction/Reciprocal Play
  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Balance/Rhythmic Movement
  • Muscle Strength and Coordination
  • Direction Following and Transitions
  • Visual Perception/Perceptual Motor Skills
  • Balance
  • Problem Solving/Executive Functioning/Organization

Middle School Mavens

A dynamic student led group for Tweens and Teens

A dynamic student led group for kids in grades 6-8. This group is designed to provide students with a supervised opportunity to practice their budding social skills with peers in a relaxed environment, while focusing on the development the of social language and problem solving skills necessary for being successful in Middle School.

Using student generated ideas such as "Science Night" "Nerf Tag" "Game Night" etc., students will practice being part of a group, planning an outing or party, and go on various outings into the community. They will be also be learning about the social rules and good ideas for communicating with friends (texting, emails, phone calls, etc.), safety tips, as well as learn the “hidden rules” associated with hanging out with friends.

High School Hang Out:

High School Hang Out is designed to provide students with a supervised opportunity to practice maturing social skills with peers in a relaxed environment somewhere out and about in the community, while focusing on the issues and hot topics pertinent to teenagers. 

High School Hang Out allows students the opportunity to practice being part of group, planning outings with friends, etc. Additionally the students will cover such topics as the social rules and good ideas involved with flirting, dating, going to dances, money matters, impressions, getting ready to drive, and how to “handle” parents. This group does spend a good portion of its time out and about in the community.