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The SuperSpeech & Language Connection

Speech/Language/Social Communication

Occupational Therapy

The SuperSpeech & Language Connection provides both Speech and Occupational Therapy Services as we believe they are complimentary services; occupational therapy can help build the foundation necessary for speech and language development as well as optimize learning potential and academic success.

We work with children who exhibit a variety of sensory, motor, social, adaptive/self-help and behavioral issues. Your child may benefit from Occupational Therapy if you feel that your child exhibits several of the following: 

  • Sensory: overly sensitive to touch, sounds, smells or tastes; shows unusual avoidance to grooming activities like teeth and hair brushing; avoids gross motor play and does not enjoy or explore playground activities, may be fearful of falling or having feet of the ground.

  • Motor: delays in motor milestones; appears clumsy or awkward in gross motor activities like running, jumping, or climbing; falls easy; poor fine motor control when manipulating small objects, cutting with scissors, holding a pencil; exhibits difficulty forming letters or with spacing letters and words; appears to have less endurance than other children; poor posture.

  • Social: demonstrates difficulty interacting with peers and adults; does not seem to have the coping strategies and self-regulatory behaviors appropriate to the situation or activity.

  • Self-Help: exhibits feeding difficulties such as using cup/utensils, spilling food, and chewing food; has trouble tying shoes, buttoning/fastening clothes; exhibits delayed self-help skills such as toileting, dressing and independently feeding; does not appear to have a sense of danger.

  • Behavioral: fidgety, restless or has difficulty sitting still; exhibits a short attention span and is easily distracted; appears impulsive.

It is the goal of the SuperSpeech & Language Connection to provide excellent services that incorporate a team approach between therapists, families and school to ensure carryover and to help generalize skills across settings. Through the use of fun, contextual and dynamic activities, therapy is designed to meet the individual “strengths and stretches” of each child. Our Occupational Therapists use a wide range of approaches and methodologies to support the individual needs of each child while providing a motivating and safe environment for students.