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The SuperSpeech & Language Connection

Speech/Language/Social Communication

Speech & Language Therapy

We work with children who exhibit a variety of expressive, receptive, pragmatic and speech delays such as:  

  • Social/Pragmatic Communication Skills
  • Auditory Processing and Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary, Word Retrieval and Verbal Organization Skills
  • Language Syntax, or Grammar Skills
  • Problem Solving and Executive Function Therapy
  • Articulation and Phonological Processing

Speech and Language skills develop at varying rates however children are generally expected to meet developmental milestones at certain ages. When you, or your child's teacher, is concerned that there might be a problem, there usually is a problem.

Typical Speech and Language Development

Social Development

It is the goal of The SuperSpeech & Language Connection to provide excellent services that incorporate a team approach between therapists, families and school to ensure carryover and to help generalize skills across settings. Through the use of fun, contextual and dynamic activities, therapy is designed to meet the individual “strengths and stretches” of each child. Our therapists provide a motivating and safe environment for students, with many opportunities to practice newly acquired and/or developing skills.