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The SuperSpeech & Language Connection

Speech/Language/Social Communication


June 25 thru August 17

For a Summer Brochure, click here.

For Summer Registration forms, click 

here and here.

Language 'n Motion-Summer:

A functional play based program where movement facilitates social interaction   

The emphasis of this dynamic group is in socializing, good sportsmanship, respect, opening up to new ideas, setting goals and learning about negotiation and compromise.

Language ‘n Motion-Summer uses a sensorimotor approach as kids work in groups to learn about social skills while having fun no matter what the outcome of the activity. The importance of sharing ideas while accepting your friend’s perspective is stressed throughout the program. Starting and finishing every task without giving up is emphasized.

This 8-week program changes themes weekly based to keep it lively, motivating and fun.The program runs June 26-August 16.

Grades (entering) k-2 Tuesdays & Thursdays3:00-4:30

Grades (entering) 3-5 Tuesdays & Thursdays4:45-6:15

Middle School Hang Out:

A dynamic student led social group for tweens and teens grades 6-8    

This group is designed to provide students with a supervised opportunity to practice their budding social skills with peers in a relaxed environment, while focusing on the development the of social language and problem solving skills necessary for being successful in Middle School.

Using student generated ideas such as "Science Night" "Nerf Tag" "Game Night" etc., students will practice being part of a group, planning an outing or party, and go on various outings into the community. They will be also be learning about the social rules and good ideas for communicating with friends (texting, emails, phone calls, etc.), safety tips, as well as learn the “hidden rules” associated with hanging out with friends.   

Middle School Hang Out is an 8-week program that meets

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm, June 26–August 14.   

Teen Hang Out: A dynamic led social 

group for High School students

Teen Hang Out is designed to provide students with a supervised opportunity to practice their maturing social skills with peers in a relaxed environment, while focusing on the issues and hot topics of teenagers.

Teen Hang Out allows students the opportunity to practice being part of group, planning outings with friends, etc. Additionally the students will cover such topics as the social rules and good ideas involved with flirting, dating, going to dances, getting ready to drive, and how to “handle” parents.

This is an 8-week program that meets weekly for two hours: Dates and times to be determined participants’ availability.

Intensive Individual Therapy 

Summer is an excellent time to really work on developing skills without the pressure of school. We offer intensive therapy programs in both English and Spanish for:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Executive Function
  • Articulation
  • Reading and Written Language Development
  • Social/Pragmatic Language
  • AAC
  • Self-Regulation/Sensory Based Deficits
  • Motor Coordination/Planning Difficulties
  • Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Our sessions are 1 hour in length with the last 10 minutes designed for parent consultation. Fun follow-up exercises are provided to the family. We are offering 3 options for intensive therapy during our eight week program: children can sign up to come once, twice or three times a week.

Please contact us for more information regarding your child’s 

needs and how we can help!